Roger Westermeyer is a husband, father and career Unites States Air Force member. He grew up in Kentucky but lived throughout the United States when he was on active duty in the Air Force. He has many interests to include woodworking, writing, and drinking fine bourbon, not necessarily in that order. The views represented in this blog are his own and the stories are mostly true.  Sometimes the names have been changed to protect the guilty, sometimes not.

This blog contains a collection of short stories that he has written about growing up in Kentucky, his life in the military, and his life since. It is dedicated to his Father, Bill Westermeyer, a notorious storyteller. Most of the blogs will poke a little fun at himself, our society, and our American culture, and occasional he will meander into politics, all in fun though. The title is in reference to his habit of sipping fine Kentucky bourbon when he writes.  It may not improve his writing, but it does enhance his attitude.  He will post a story about once month, enjoy and feel free to share.