Other than getting notified you have COVID-19, nothing strikes more fear in the heart of Americans than a trip to the BMV or DMV.  It’s like being put on death row, or having a colonoscopy or dental exam. It will take way too long, you will get to spend a lot of time with questionable … Continue reading B.M.V

Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned, It’s Been 42 Long Years Since My Last Confession

Don’t worry, this isn’t a tell all blog about all of my errors in judgment over the past 42 years, I try to keep my blogs PG rated and less than 10 pages in length, neither of which would be possible if I wrote a tell all blog. But it really has been 42 years … Continue reading Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned, It’s Been 42 Long Years Since My Last Confession

Trader Places

It had a strange pungent smell when you entered which I can still remember vividly today even though I haven’t been there in nearly forty years. I could never quite figure out exactly the origin of the odd smell, but it was part stale beer, part greasy spoon, and part blue collar sweat, since the … Continue reading Trader Places


On a recent visit to McDonalds to feed a Big Mac craving (don’t counsel me on my food choices, my wife already did), I was surprised to see that they served “artisan” buns.  I never expected to see the words McDonalds and artisan together, it’s an oxymoron, like military intelligence, or Trump eloquence. As I … Continue reading Inconceivable

It’s Brown

Even though my blog is named Bourbon Tales, I have never written a blog about bourbon, until now.  I have in recent years become a bourbon aficionado, or as some might say a bourbon snob. After a long military career where I lived in the north, south, east and west I settled down at Wright-Patterson … Continue reading It’s Brown